James Rollins’s Sigma Force novels return with the 15th in the series, The Last Odyssey.

The page-turner takes its cues from Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad. He brings his group of modern day researchers, and gives them a family life back home to return to, to Greenland.

Using part myth, part-creativity, Rollins brings his crew on an adventure that if it goes wrong, could allow a version of Hell to bring an apocalypse to the world and change society as we know it.

Research is key in a book such as this, and Rollins extensive knowledge shows, from the colds of Greenland to the warmth of the Mediterranean where a Bronze Age war changed society then. With Leonardo Da Vinci appearing, it’s a no-holds barred look at ancient societies and the early technology they fostered.

Rollins clarifies after the read what is based on fact and what has come from his imagination. Yet this tale of a cult how want to control the End of Days feels all too real and believable, supported by his continuing cast.