Anne Cleeland’s newest Doyle & Acton mystery, Murder in Deep Regret, finds the married detectives working a confusing case, just as they are having their portraits painted for his ancestral home.

A recent acquisition to the London Kingsmen football team, the player Rizzo had been awarded a huge salary that matches his popularity. So when his body is found inside St. Michael’s sacristy, an apparent suicide, Doyle’s nose for the truth twitches as her scalp prickles, and DCI Acton’s actions confirm this was murder.

The church is in the midst of a huge renovation project, dragging on due to the absence of the owner of the construction company. D’Angelo has gone missing after a sailing accident, and is presumed dead, lost at sea.

But what could his death and that of the most revered football player in recent history have to do with each other?

As the couple investigate and Doyle keeps her eye on her husband’s tendency for retribution and running a separate inquiry. Knowing he’s keeping secrets again, Doyle’s dreams come to the forefront with information, keeping the fey Irish gal asking questions without answers.

One thing she’s sure of, even as she juggles her job, watching over her husband, and caring for their young son, albeit with good help at home, is that whomever killed Rizzo did so to bring Acton into the the investigation.

Cleeland’s distinctive recurring characters, including those of their team and at home whom have become like old friends, round out the cast. This is another complicated case, with a hint of sexy romance that never fails to charm. A perfect read for distraction in these times, or anyone looking for a darn good mystery with characters you won’t soon forget in this continued series winner.