My gal pals are still under the radar with that bout of food poisoning from last week’s wedding, so Doc accompanied me, despite his misgivings, to see “Momma Mia” today.   He ended up enjoying himself enormously, said it was nice to see a movie with a happy ending.

Meryl Streep can SING!  Who knew?  And Pierce Brosnan definitely can’t, but who cares?  Colin Firth was admirable, the daughter lovely, Meryl’s two sidekicks wonderful, especially Julie Waters.

This is not the Best Movie You’ll Ever See, but it IS pretty to look at, filmed on location in Greece, has those ABBA songs you remember, plenty of unexpected dancing, a Greek chorus of its own, and is just too cute to miss.  While most would probably give it a CF rating (Chick Flick) Doc and a few other husbands I know have seen it and left humming.

What’s not to like?