Last year my friend Mel gave Doc his own bag of the best caramels in the world.  Handmade by a family in Appleton, WI, the Vane Walle’s caramels are so buttery and so creamy and so, well, carmelly, that Rachel Ray named them a great snack and gave them out to her audience last spring.

I, of course, ran right through my own bag, one a night when reading in bed.  Each large square is soft and velvety; you can get several bites out of them to make them linger, too.

One day recently I was changing the sheets on our Monster bed (I call it the Monster because the king sized four-poster is so high up I have to climb onto it with a 2 step stool).  Imagine my surprise when I looked down into Doc’s open night table drawer and see his bag, opened but with only one or two caramels missing!

I touched them; still surprisingly soft after 12 months in a drawer.  I snuck one out and tasted it.  That same sweet, smooth taste.  You couldn’t tell they were over a year old, really.

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The next week I snuck one out again.  And a few days another. Doc wasn’t eating them, I rationalized.  He’s been watching his weight and has lost 40 lbs this spring and summer to my 16.  Go figure.  Of course, purloined caramels might just be part of the problem.  And the fact that I am a notorious cheater is definitely another.  But I digress.

The bag was getting to the halfway point, just when it would be noticeable that I had been helping myself to these treats.  What to do?  Fess up and ask for the rest of the bag?  Whilst deliberating my course of action, the caramels seemed to grow in size, calling to me from the table every time I went past.  My fingers itched to worm their way into that bag and withdraw just one more delectable candy.  But I stayed strong.

Until the other day when Doc decided his table drawers needed cleaning out and came across them himself.I held my breath: surely he would notice the bag was a mere waif of it’s former self?

“Want these, they’re a few left, but they might be stale,” he said, tossing the bag to me.

If only he knew the truth.

So now I’m legit.  Of course, there’s only one problem–there’s only ONE left~
then what will I do?