For those of you wishing to discover just who Auntie M is, underneath all of this fluff, I’ve decided to give you Buddy Blurbs here and there, where I will reveal formally unknown oddities and quirks of the person who is Auntie M.

Today’s first is that Auntie M is a coconut slut.  This means that whenever coconut crosses her path, Auntie M is sure to follow.  Be it coconut shrimp , coconut cake, coconut ice cream (yummo) or the real thing, raw and from the just-broken shell, Auntie M can sniff coconut out a mile away.

This means that on vacations where cute frozen drinks with paper umbrellas are on order, Auntie M has been known to imbibe far too many a few.  Thankfully this is not a daily habit.

The one area Auntie M does not indulge in is coconut-smelling sunblock, although she has been known to sniff heartily in the direction of its wearers.  She prefers the real thing to the scent in lipglosses, too.

After all, one has to be a purist about something!