Arghghghg! Just saw that the photo of mom’s cake did not translate to the published blog…mea culpa.

Today my newest novel went in the mail to The Agent Who Knows All.  I call him this because he has been in the business for a long time and knows it, has signed authors I read and admire, and can read the market enough to tell me that I had to put my English mystery series aside and write one set in NY, with a younger, upbeat tempo that would be easily marketable, and thus, get picked up by a publisher.

Said NY novel has been workshopped with my Screw Iowa Writers Group, revised, polished and scrubbed until it’s squeaky clean.  And yes, it is rather like a birth, as you’ve been incubating this nugget of a story for months, living with it growing inside of you as you develop the characters and their back story, struggling through the labor pains of plotting out a decent storyline, and finally delivering something recognizable as a book to said agent.

There is a brief time, maybe a week, where I will bask in the glow of a deed accomplished and off my plate.  From past experience, I know to put this novel out of my mind for at least six to eight months.  By the time the Agent reads it and sends it out, it will be at least that amount of time before the rejection letters start to trickle in.  My SI writers like to joke we could wallpaper a bathroom with our rejection letters.  BUT there is always the thought in the back of my mind that THIS is the one that will be published.  i imagine the cover, artfully done, of course, the feel of the pages, the smell of th ink, the delight in seeing my byline in print.  Ah, such stuff are dreams made of~

By next week, when we take off to upstate NY to visit our middle son and his wife, I’ll be bringing a research book with me for the next in this series.  And a notebook to take notes.  On the long drive up I’ll start bouncing story ideas off Doc, and by the time we hit Schoharie, I’ll be fired up again with a host of new characters jumping around in my brain, scribbles everywhere, and begin to ratchet up the heat under the new one.    I will take the fall to gather and process, to outline and create character Bibles.  Maybe even start the beginning.  I take a few weeks off around Xmas and then the Full Assault begins in earnest, getting a first draft done by May to bring to be workshopped with mySI gals…and the whole business starts all over again.