Auntie M is distressed.  She watches the Big O each night with great delight and admiration for the talent and strength of the athletes who have devoted YEARS to learning their skills.  Of course, she’s happy when the US wins big, and who couldn’t be impressed with Michael Phelps accomplishment.

But once again, it happened.  Just when she thought the judging system had been rid of imperfections and bias, along come the Gymnastics finals.  There were hints of Things Not Right all week; the tiny bodies sworn to be 16 yr olds here, the higher marks and unnoticed errors there.  But it all evened out.  Until the night before last, in the Women’s Vault finals, where the GOLD medal was awarded to a gymnast who landed on HER KNEES!  This pushed the better American vaulter into 4th place and out of medal contention.

Auntie M yelled at the judges.  She stomped around complaining of the unfairness of it all.  Doc calmed her down, saying this happens all the time.  Yeah, but it shouldn’t!!!  This is the G-Damned Olympics!!!  It’s not RIGHT!

Then last night another Maybe-16 yr old and the American Gold Medal All Around winner both scored in first place in a statistical tie on the Uneven Bars.  Down to the THOUSANDTH decimal they were deemed to be the same, EVEN THOUGH the Maybe-16er made a few errors that apparently no one but me, the commentator and everyone else watching on TV noticed.  I could handle THAT if they both got Gold medals.  But instead the American was given Silver due to a system that threw out some marks and awarded the poorer performance the Gold medal.

I’m not saying it had to be American or nothing; I’m saying these young people work far too hard to be treated unfairly.  The best should prevail, no matter the country.  Or else why should they bother in the coming years?

Auntie M shouted again, beat the comforter to a bloody pulp, and called the judges some ugly choice names usually shown in print as *&@#$.  It was enough to almost make her stop eating her low-cal rice pudding!

And that before she found out there was no method in either case to protest the marks. . .

I’m set to watch the Balance Beam medals tonight, but those judges better beware: Auntie M is watching, and the BEST gymnast better win the Gold medal or…or… or… well, I don’t know what the OR is, but trust me, it won’t be pretty~