Auntie M first visited Howe Caverns when she was a little girl and super-impressed.  The next time shes was there she took Paramedic Son, who was 7 at the time. Through his eyes, it was still impressive.   Today with Doc?  Not so much. . .

For the exorbitant (I thought) sum of $18/person, we got an 80-minute tour, part walk, part boat ride, with a knowledgeable guide, along with sixteen other people. sure, Auntie M thinks stalagmites and stalactites are neat geological formations.  But the WOW factor was long gone.  The ice cream on the way home was the highlight.

All has led to Auntie M’s conclusion that she is Getting Old.  Signs of this have been occurring for a while now, but Auntie M is nothing if not a spectacular ostrich ignorer.  Tomorrow should be much more fun: at least a part of the day is going to be spent at a Border’s going-out-of-business sale/40% off everything.

Now THAT is right up her alley~