Auntie M is happy she DVR’ed the season opener of Bones.

Now she has something to watch this weekend whilst Doc is into his racing.

At our house we have to watch a ton of forensic shows, and Doc is very patient with me over that, largely because as a mystery writer I’m always on the lookout for something to use in my books.

And you all know by now I’m a slave to Mystery on Sunday nights.  But the one new season opener I am most looking forward to?  No guess here, it’s that luscious Hugh Laurie and the irascible doctor he plays on House:

For this one, it’s NOT the highly implausible and over-the-top medical plotlines that keep me glued–the nurse in me has a hearty laugh along with Doc usually at least once every show.  No, it’s the impeccable American accent this actor manages each and every time he’s on the air.  I defy anyone who’s a watcher to point out ONE single time he’s lapsed into his normal Brit-speak.

AND he plays the piano, really really well.  AND he’s still married to his first wife (of 18 years, with 3 kids):

Maybe I like that he’s so tall and she’s so tiny, like Doc and me.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for an accent (I admit that one freely).  Maybe I like that he hates being separated from his family when he’s in LA filming and they’re back in London.  Maybe I like that he’s not afraid to try different acting forms, from comedy with Emma Thompson in his early days to playing Wooster to Stephen Fry’s Jeeves, to being a dark doctor from New Jersey who limps.

I know, it’s those dimples!