I would be remiss if I didn’t have a moment of silence for those who lost their lives on 9/11************************************************************

My cousin’s daughter managed to get out and is now part of a Staircase Survivors Group.  It haunts her still.  Such a tragic waste of humanity.


Auntie M is known for her vivid dreams, in color too, long stories that wind around and sometimes even have a point.  Last night I helped to catch a rapist.  I was at the questioning because I was writing a story about how police detectives work, of course.  It helped that I was catching up on DVR’ed shows and had watched two hours back to back of The Closer just before sleep.  That’s how the FBI got involved, in the form of Kyra Sedgewick’s TV honey Jon Tenney:


Also on hand were Gabriel Byrne, because I’d just read an article about him, and of course, my team was headed by Inspector Lynley:


Havers was nowhere in sight thankfully

As this dream continued, several men were interviewed.  Somehow, with my highly developed deductive reasoning skills attained from too many mysteries read and digested, I was able to point Lynley on to the culprit.  There was just something about him that didn’t ring true, and sure enough, when we both investigated his alibi, there was a significant hour missing.  Then Lynley noted some mixed phone lines, while I checked out his butt helped him, and well, the rest was history, as the rapist was led away in handcuffs.  Lynley thanked me with typical British restraint, his hand hovering over my shoulder but never quite touching it.

Maybe tonight I’ll have the X-rated version.

A girl can dream, can’t she?