Auntie M is interested in getting your opinion on a conundrum that pesters her.  Doc and I have this running argument about which way the towel paper roll should be put in:

Ours looks kinda like this and lies sideways.  Doc put it on like this, too, but when you yank it, it just rolls and rolls away with itself.

I put it in so the new paper hangs down the back, allowing me to tear off what I need.

And this applies to toilet paper, too, the same disagreement.

Again, I feel it just rolls away with itself when it hangs down the front.

Maybe it’s a left kind of thing, cause I am.  When we took pottery classes I had a tough time with the wheel because it only spun in one direction, and it wasn’t the way I wanted it to go… Doc says I’m nuts, but besides that, in all the hotels it’s always hanging HIS way.

Which side of this do YOU come down on?

PS Doc’s birthday dinner went off without a hitch and everyone loved the molasses cake.  Next year I’m going to give him a Hogwarts sleepover, like Jenn on the Edge did for her daughter!