Tomorrow is Doc’s birthday, and Auntie M is busy today cooking and baking for a dinner party in the afternoon.  Per his request, we are grilling a whole  20 lb. turkey on the porch.

Sides will be a tomato casserole, as Doc would eat them three times a day if he could,

a mixed squash casserole with onion, thyme and fenugreek, and mashed yams with brown sugar (Splenda) and orange.  Yeast rolls glazed with honey butter on the side.

He asked for a molasses cake with plums and apple baked on top, served with fresh whipped cream~ is that enough are you still hungry?

Befores will be steamed shrimp from our own waters, fresh mozzarella with TOMATO and basil, and of course, can’t have a nice meal down south without deviled eggs.

And yes, I pipe them just like in the snap.  Much less messier that way.

Thanks to all the other bloggers whose food photo’s I used.  Now I’ve got to get crackin’!