HOUSE in all his cranky glory Tuesday night in the season opener.  House with his limp and cane, his needs-to-be-shaved face, his haunted look that says he just needs the right woman to take care of him.  House who probably had too much to do with the death of his best friend’s girlfriend and now has lost the best pal he had, maybe, probably, as this is just pure fiction.

And I know that, for sure.  But it’s the best way to get a weekly fix of James Hugh Calum Laurie.


Trust me, this is MUCH better than reading about my computer woes, a hard disc full when it’s not, a new one that is installed today and still getting error messages, my threats to throw this crappy much-needed piece of sh$* modern technology in the sink disposal and grind it into tiny little pieces closet until I can deal with it again, calmly, tomorrow~

Say Goodnight, Auntie M. . .