Doc and Auntie M are having a great time in the Catskills.  Our grandcats are adorable, Hamilton and Pumpkin, two feral cats Wife and Middle Son took in and treat royally.  There have been nice sunny days, NOT hot, and my deodorant hasn’t had a workout yet.  At night sleeping under the open windows to a cool breeze has been heavenly.

Today our plans were thwarted by closing on Labor Day, so we flexibly made Tuesday’s plan for Monday and it worked.  After outings to a few local farm stand that WERE open, we will have homemade crab cakes tonight (from NC crab Doc caught and we picked and brought up), fresh salad with homegrown veggies from the gardne up here, local sweet corn, and multigrain bread Middle son made in his bread maker today.  Oh, and fresh tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil from our garden.  Bliss.

This afternoon saw me heading for the hammock strung between two shady trees, research book and notebook in hand.  Now, Auntie M hasn’t actually been in a hammock in a few years, BUT it must be like riding a bike.  Once you learn, you never forget.  How hard could it be to get into it?

I backed into it as instructed and promptly flipped ass butt over head onto the other side of the grass, hat flying off, ditto sandals, crunching my neck and shoulders.  I came up laughing and not a little bit embarrassed…with Middle son holding the side, I managed to wedge myself into it a bit better.  And was afraid to move.  Finally I relaxed, and two hours later, with stripes from the ropes on my back, the research is done, that book packed back up, and NOW I can relax and read the brain candy books I’ve brought along.