Those of you who know and love Auntie M might figure out that the above acronym means that if this person walked into my house, there is no question I’d spread my chubby thighs I’d Lay Down For him in a heartbeat, whether he wanted an old hag like me or not.  Doc has already been warned he has no say in this matter and totally gets it.  See what a good guy I’m married to?

After Colin Firth and Hugh Laurie, Daniel Craig  and Johnny Depp, we cannot forget Clive Owen, he of the green eyes and sculpted face.

I just found out he’s a Libra!  As I am, Oct. 8th coming around way too fast.  So that’s why we seem so sympatico, in the words of my friend Nina, who tosses Italian into her conversation the way Green Girl tosses in French  (I took German in HS and rarely toss it anywhere).  just look at how kind and warm he is, and he cleans up well, too:

Did I mention he has green eyes?  I actually modeled one of my detectives after him in a novel.  Although Ned O’Malley doesn’t know it, he’s a clone of Clive, except for the accent.

AND Clive was in the movie Children of Men, which was based on a novel by my idol, P.D. James.  That makes him a double dynamo.  And did I mention those lovely green eyes?

The next time you open a magazine and see a Lancome ad with this gentleman’s face and sexy green eyes looking directly at your triangle bush nether region heart, don’t say I didn’t warn you~