Green Girl has tagged me to related my current addictions, based on the five senses.  Here goes:

Smell: When Doc wears “1903” from J Peterman, I want to jump his bones.  Seriously, I just want to keep close to him so I can inhale this scent. It’s like a walk in a forest.

It comes in a yew wood bottle and has a woodsy, leathery scent.  The formal description also says it has citrus notes of bergamot ( the base of Earl Grey tea, my fave) and green notes, and herbal notes of clary sage and cardamom.  All of these scents are found in nature and It rocks, trust me.  {I like it so much I’ve worn it on occasion myself}.

Touch: If my grandson Kevin was here, it would definitely be his chunky arms and legs.  But since he lives in Minnesota, I’ll go with Radar, our Italian Spinone.  The top of his head, his ears, under his chin, and his whole undercarriage are some of the silkiest areas I’ve ever felt on a dog.  In fact, along his back is the only real stiff area of his coat, completely different.

Sight: Doc and Auntie M are fortunate to live on the Pungo River, in northeastern NC.  When I am at my kitchen sink, a large window looks through our screened porch right out to the river, a view I never tire of.  The birds, the passing boats, the water–in all seasons, it’s a sight that never fails to soothe me.  My favorite time is dusk.

TASTE: Coconut cake topped with coconut ice cream–remember, I’m a coconut slut!

SOUND:  There’s something about Itzhak Perlman playing the theme from “Schindler’s List” that moves me to tears, no matter how many times I hear it.  This man makes the violin an extension of his arm and hand.  His masterful interpretation of John William’s melody manages to communicate a sense of bittersweet poignancy I find devastating and emotional.

So that’s it, bared my soul for y’all~